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In 1907 Otto Kaap started making chocolates in Green Bay

His luscious and lovely chocolates were famous
in Wisconsin and beyond.

We often went to his delightful restaurant and chocolate shop in the 70's & 80's.
Then news came that the shop had been flattened to make way for a couple of parking places.
Imagine our delight to find out that the chocolates carry on!
All the recipes and methods are still alive on South Webster Street.
You'll now find them on the shelf at Sweetie Pies!

Kaaps Old World Chocolates

Don't miss a chance to take these home!!

Laughing Bunny PB Cups Winter Greens

The Laughing Bunny

Peanut Butter Cups

Winter Green Cups

Truffles Malted Balls Myrtles

Truffles to die for!

Malted Milk Balls

"Myrtles" (think turtles)

But we thought you should know about the chocolates that used to grace Sweetie Pies and that started here.

O those were the world's cutest Chocolates!
And just possibly the tastiest!

Icy Chocolates/Door County Chocolatier
Chocolate that was as smooth as ice!

Corinne Lea started a great line of fancy chocolates in 2002.
They focused on Corinne's artistic appreciation of animals. She gave them all a personality of their own!
Her cherry cordials were made with fresh Door County cherries - no maraschinos - and had a refreshing, summer afternoon taste.
She went so far as to freshly toast nuts and coconut and hand make all the fillings.
Just one taste of those delicious white, milk, and dark chocolates was love at first bite.

The center pieces of her line, though were the animals: Toytles, Polar Bears, Turkles, Bunnies, and more.

Unfortunately Corinne went on to other enterprizes.
She sold the business to Martha Scully-Beller who carried on for a year of beautiful chocolates
she then sold the business to Pam Johnson who created Door County Chocolatier.
They did a beautiful job with these unique and pleasing morsels!
Due to illness Pam has been unable to continue with the chocolates.
Hopefully some enterprizing person will take up these designs and recipes and fly with them again!

This page is now a tribute to the great chocolates that Corinne started and many have contributed to.

Tray of Ts

It all started with the "Toytles"; the classic combo of rich chocolate, creamy caramel & toasted pecans. "Now why do they call them turtles, if they don't even look like turtles?" we said to ourselves when we first started making chocolates. The results were so charming they have become local celebrities.

Snow is a Door County specialty, so what could be more natural than polar bear chocolates? These guys are coated in white chocolate with pecan paws and a caramel-cream center.

Polar Bears and Babies

Our cordials are made with real Door County cherries, perfectly aged and preserved in a combination of their own juice, sugar and fine liqueur, then covered in our delicious dark chocolate. A delight in each bite!

We always have a variety of molded chocolates according to the season. These really let the rich, distinctive flavor of our chocolate shine!

Molded Cupids
Heart Box

What better way to present any of our lucious chocolates than in a chocolate box! These lovely and delicious boxes come in White Chocolate with Raspberry coloring and flavor as pictured, or in White, Dark or Milk Chocolate.

Heart Box

If you'd like to see some more crazy chocolate creations of Corinne's click here: